Tik Tok-A platform we  love & hate

Tik Tok-A platform we love & hate

What is Tik-Tok

Tik-Tok is a popular quick-video app, where users can churn through images, video and sounds at warp pace, repurposing into ironic, bite-size content.

For someone, Tik-Tok is a time-wasting app, for few it’s a Chinese conspiracy to engage young people across the globe. But for the majority it's a platform to bring the actor out within.


Rumor! TIK-TOK is a Chinese conspiracy

Several people believe that China has a creepy motive in launching this application. They claimed that the Chinese are using it as a tool to engage young people around the world, through this they are snaffling and trading personal data like photos or videos of the users. On the other side China is making its youngsters engage them to learn Artificial Intelligence to conquer the world and emerge as a superpower.

 Tik Tok-A platform  

TikTok has been a source of fame, recognition and popularity to several thousands of teenagers, youngsters & in fact in various age groups. It provides an opportunity for countless youth of the world to perform and present ultra-short videos. With this platform of entertainment users can dance, expand their friend’s network and hone their creative skills too.

This app allows every common person to perform on most interesting music videos and gain instant publicity in society and have competition without having any specialized skills or talent and easy to engross other users and become viral.

For those who believe it is a waste of time

Some of us think that it is a time waster-app, as most of the people spend a lot of time in creating a music video with inappropriate content which sometimes makes fun of people, community and religion.


Love it or hate it but you cannot ignore it.

As it became a great form of entertainment and provided unaltered fun. It has been used or suitable for people aged 12 or older, this application assures a video-sharing community that is real, raw, and without any boundaries.


My personal experience with Tik Tok

I was wondering how it became so popular among all, previously, as like some others thinking this was a wasting app I researched, reviewed articles & stats & watched videos (Courtesy my wife) on Tik-Tok.


What I have found

It is popular because it connects people in a simple way , Easy- to -create- a -video platform. I mean ,you don't need a lot of editing or professional shooting to make a video. However, several users do it as they need for commercial purposes.


Awake your inner actor

I mean this platform  helps bring the actor out within. You know, in everyone there is a hidden hero and actor especially when we are young. We are so much influenced by these actors, we started to believe that those sorts of dialogue, stunt, dance, song, glamor is real. We crave their lifestyle. We do not see the actor in the film we see ourselves. 

That's where this platform caught youngsters and started exploiting and let them explore actor within them .They enact they favroite stars  and add  own creativity to make it unique.

The best part is that Every TikTok user can find their audience & fans. There is a tremendous rise of Tik Tok superstars in their locality. They are famous in their way, there are heroes in the eyes of their fans.

Via this app users are acting, enacting and reacting to the music or dialogues played in the background. They are using all their creative skills and talents of acting to present themselves to the various sound clips. Not only the common people, but the super-stars are also coming up with their family persons as the co-partner in the videos.

This app works like a dream come true for the one who wants to act on screen.


I must admit 

Till now, I have not performed or created any video, Tick-Tok stunt. But yes I do admit that I do take a look at my spouse’s Smartphone and browse videos where several are entertaining. It brings a smile on my face.


It's addictive 

It doesn't matter how entertaining this platform is but it's addictive, surely consumes time until you are not a star and you are earning.

 Censor board must intervene

While this App helps you to explore your hidden talent, at the same time there is inappropriate content that contains semi-nudity, fake information, communalize news, religious hatred just to gain more likes and followers. Even media have reported some death occurred while some creators performing stunts for TIk-Tok.

This is surely not good, the Government must or controls what has been broadcasted or circulated. Youngsters are our future, so we must put censorship on these platforms so that it can free of inappropriate content while not limiting the fun quotient.


 Our Superstars can help 

It's also the duty of our Superstars who is active on Tik-Tok. They can encourage our young generation to use inspiring, good, funny & engaging content and ask them to avoid spreading fake information or any inappropriate content.


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